Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh the weekend..

The past three days have been a little frustrating food wise simply due to the fact that I didn't calorie count because I wasn't able too. And after it all I don't want to for fear of the number! Right now I'm very glad I don't have scales.. I ended up going out for dinner with a friend on Saturday and had vegetable Ramen at Wagamamas, I didn't finish it all - but it had deep fried tofu! So probably nice and calorific. And then I let my self down again on Sunday. My friend payed for us to have breakfast and she got me a BIG one. Which wasn't that big to as what I thought it would be, but never the less you could just see the calories!

Yesterday I didn't well and didn't even have lunch, more of a liquid lunch, my friend bought me a pint. I'm hoping I had under 900 calories yesterday and for fear its over I'm not counting! So today goes as followed. I'm on an 800 cal day. 

1/2 Cup porridge, made with water - 62
1/2 Tbsp of Strawberry Jam - 25

1 Slice of toast (Nimble bread with spread) - 83
1/4 Pack of tofu, scrambled, spicey - 76
1/3 Red bell pepper - Roughly 10
1/2 Medium sized carrot - 15
1/2 Medium sized beetroot - 17.5
1 Vegan sausage - 101

Home made soup, recipe as follows:
1 Oxo cube - 15
1 Cup shredded cabbage - 21
3 Small tomatoes, diced - 48
2/3 Red Bell pepper, diced - Roughly 25
1 Medium sized carrot, diced - 30
Seasons to taste, add as much water as you like.
The whole thing works out at roughly 139 calories. 
So I had about 1 cup of it which I suppose with the quantity I made works out at like roughly 35 calories per cup? Crazy good! I Added quite a bit of water so it would stretch and then poured it over 1/3 a cup of cous cous which works out at roughly 66 calories
So all in all, dinner was only 101 calories.

2 Percy pigs - 50
4 Sweet chilli crackers - 84
1/2 Medium sized carrot - 15
1 Baked apple with a sprinkle of sugar - Roughly 40

3 Cups of Green tea 
4 Large Evian sized bottles of water 
2 Coffees with a level teaspoon of sugar - Roughly 48 

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  1. I hate the weekends too, they make me eat sooo much :(.
    Keep up the good work, you are doing great. L xxx