Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 2 - 800 Calories

Porridge with water - 98
1/4 Cup soy milk - 31
129 cal

Late Lunch
1/4 Pack of tofu scrambled with chilli flakes - Roughly 76 cal
5 sprays of one Cal spray - 5
4 Large garlic stuffed olives - 48
1 Medium red tomato (raw) - 22
1/3 Red peper (raw) - 15
1 slice of white bread - 83 
249 cal

Supper (seeing as I had a late lunch)
2 slices of white bread -166 , toasted with Marmite - Roughly 54
220 cal

2 Chilli cracker - 42
2 Large raw garlic stuffed olives - 24 
1 Medium banana - 105
1 After Eight - 33
201 cal

2 Cups of green tea
5 Glasses of water

So with the 800 calorie days, instead of having lunch and dinner I think its probably better if I have a later lunch that usual and then just have supper instead of a dinner. And between Breakfast and Lunch I'll just snack a little and drink green tea. I was going to have a bigger supper then that but didn't realise the 100 calorie difference really does make an actual difference in what size meal I can have. But thats for the best.
Today I haven't been that hungry anyway as I haven't been that active, I've finished temping for the Christmas period and I just had some packing and tidying to do for my train back to University tomorrow, which I'm very excited about! Seeing as I haven't actually put on any weight over the Christmas period.. I am exactly the same weight as when I weighed my self in early december. When I woke up this morning I was actually hungry, which felt good.

What I'm really going to concentrate on over the next few weeks is learning to say no to things like junk foods, no more chips! And if I end up going the corner shop or something for munchies, I'll just get fruit or dried fruits or just actually not anything at all. 

Whats really satisfying right now, is the fact I really feel I can do this. 

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