Monday, 2 January 2012

New year. New start.

I've been here be for, with a blog and on the path to losing weight yet I completely failed at it. I lost half a stone and then just caved and its all back on! Such a failure. But alas, here I am a year has passed and I'm looking at it all with fresh perspective! No more purging or laxatives. I'm going to do it this time. I'm going to restrict and prove to my-self I can do this. 

On the 1st of January 2012 my CW weighed in at a disgusting 140 lbs
I measured in at;
Back = 31"
Stomach = 36"
L.Arm = 10"
R.Arm = 10 1/2"
L.Leg = 22 1/2"
R.Leg= 22"
My GW ideally is 100 Ibs - 110 Ibs
My CGW is 130 by January the 31st. 
Do-able? I definitely think so. 

I'm starting off by doing the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet (HSGD) 
Instead of restricting my self to something like the ABC diet straight away, I came across this on and realised this is what I should of done first all along. Something that isn't so restrictive that I clearly wont stick to it with out binging. So It basically goes like this;

Day 1= 900                       Day 16= 800
Day 2= 800                       Day 17= 900
Day 3= 900                       Day 18= 950
Day 4= 1000                     Day 19= 1000
Day 5= 950                       Day 20= 1150
Day 6= 1100                     Day 21= 1150
Day 7= 1100                     Day 22= 900
Day 8= 900                       Day 23= 800
Day 9= 800                       Day 24= 950
Day 10= 900                     Day 25= 1000
Day 11= 1000                   Day 26= 950
Day 12= 950                     Day 27= 1100
Day 13= 1100                   Day 28= 1150
Day 14= 1150                   Day 29= 900
Day 15= 900                     Day 30= 900

So its similar to the ABC diet in a way, but not so restrictive I'll clearly fail after a week. 
I'm also a vegan and have been for 8 or 9 months now, be for that I was a vegetarian for 5 years, nothing to do with weight loss simply moral grounds and my body feels so much healthier with out the animal products. But yes anyway.. So heres todays food in take;

1 Medium Banana - 105
1 Porridge Sachet - 98
1/2 Cup Soy milk - 63.5
Only ate half though - 133.25 cal

3 slice tofu scrambled with chilli flakes - Roughly 70
5 sprays 1 cal spray - 5 cal
1/2 small Red onion (Raw) 14.5
1/3 Red pepper (Raw) 15
1 slice white bread 80
1 medium tomato (Raw) 22
206.5 cal

1/2 cup boiled potato - 68
1 teaspoon Vitalite - 35
1 cup shredded green cabbage - 17
6 baked broccoli heads 24
5 sprays 1 cal spray - 5 cal
2 Vegan sausage's - 202
351 cal

1 large green olive stuff with clove of raw garlic - 12 cal
3 after eights 102 cal
2 chilli crackers - 42 cal

1 cup green tea - 0 cal
8 glasses of water - 0 cal

Total for the day: 847 calories

So I was 53 calories under! Yes! Starting with something like the HSGD, for me personally, is great because its achievable and I was hardly hungry all day. Drinking lots of water helped though, I found this amazing tip yesterday on how to help make sure you get your 8 glasses of water a day:
Ware eight elastic bands and each time you drink a glass of water take one off!

"Really? Elastic bands?!" I know, seems a bit weird. But it completely helped me, when I came home from work, instead of putting them in my pocket I just put the 4 I'd taken off on to my right hand, meaning I had 4 left to go on my left. I'm sat here typing with all eight on my right. You wouldn't just have to use elastic bands either, try a few bracelets or something, bobbles, anything really as long as its useful and reminding you to drink that water!

I think there is also a misconception with the amount of water people drink too, I read a lot of 'Drink as much as possible, loads, loads, loads!' Drinking too much water can actually drown you. Bizzare, but true. 

So thats me for today. 
Tomorrow I'll do some updating and upload some of my favourite thinspirational images. 

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